Are you enjoying your modular A Level Maths and Further Maths? Why not take it all the way and get the Additional Further Maths qualification too?

Whereas doing Maths and Further Maths is very common in UK schools, few students endeavour to complete all the modules and obtain a third qualification. This is an excellent chance to stand out on your UCAS application (and it really isn’t as hard as it sounds!). Follow the link: for our maths tutors page.

Once you’ve got used to the textbook and style of the A Level Maths modules doing another six will be less work than you might expect. In any case, the stuff you’ll be learning will be useful for when you start your undergraduate degree. For example, if you go on to study Engineering, all the material you’ll learn in the Mechanics 5 module will be material you’ll need to pick up as a first year undergraduate.

The best part about doing the 18 modules is how impressive it sounds. The admissions tutors at the universities you apply to will be glad to see that you already have some sound experience in self-teaching yourself (as this is something you will be doing a lot of at university) and the fact that you have three Maths A Levels is impressive in itself.

Don’t scare away from the challenge! Doing all the Maths modules is something I did and highly recommend, as the reward is far greater than the effort required.

Good luck!