Majority of students who send in their primary medical school application barely get acceptedArguably, thousands of students apply annually, but only a few get acceptance letters. Some of them will enjoy the luxury of getting multiple acceptance offers. But, just what is the secret to a successful medical school application?

Display Excellent Attributes the Attitude

Putting together a convincing application to med school isn’t easy. To succeed, you need to understand the factors that make your application stand out from the thousands sent. Particular areas need serious deliberation before you send in your application.
Different med schools round under different policies, mission statements and academic requirements. As such, there is a need for you; the applicant, to demonstrate above average capabilities in handling the courseworkAlso, you need to display excellent attributes and the attitude needed to work diligently with others.

Showcase Deep Sense of Commitment to Serve

When crafting a killer application to med school, it’s crucial to include attributes touching on personal integrity, resourcefulness, lingual ability, collaboration and a deep sense of commitment to serveThe review/interviewing panel tends to value both the content of the application and the care that has been put in preparing and tendering the application.

Fine Tune the Personal Statement

The application to medical school carries immense weight. But it’s the personal statement that determines whether it’s a hit or a miss. To score high, this statement needs to look like a well-curated piece of work. There is need to brainstorm, sketch, and review and appraise the essay. Don’t do the writing, editing and appraisal. By letting others read and give opinions, it helps fine tune your application to become a compelling piece.

Start Out Early

Don’t wait to rustle up the statement with days to the application deadline. By starting months ahead, it gives you time to reflect on the content. Well, this will distinguish it from the mountains of applications made. A convincing medical school application strings together experiences, personal values and growth. There is a need to show the reviewing panel that you want to pursue medical knowledge. All this while demonstrating the skills you will bring to the healthcare landscape.

Team Player Approach

Did you know that your med school application needs to showcase you as a team player? Simply put, there is a paramount need to use “We” instead of “I” in your descriptions. If you were a leading light in a community charity endeavour, desist from personalising using the “I” aspectReviewers tend to see applicants who use the “we” factor as the quintessential team player who should be given a chance over the rest.

Highlight Service-Based Activities

Medical schools are keen to review an applicant’s commitment to serving. You might think that the small engagement with the underprivileged local community or teen neighbourhood organisation isn’t enoughApparently, such initiatives might win the review panel hands down. Your engagement with such service-based activities shows that you are compassionate and socially responsible.
Remember, it’s wise to indicate your interests on top of research, community service, leadership or clinical work experiences. In the end, remember the clock is always ticking. When your application gets in as soon as possible, the med school in question will see you as one of the deserving candidates whatsoever.

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